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June Rivas does not stand for workplace discrimination, and recently fired back at her own boss after her boss made a snarky comment stating that Rivas’ head scarf and ponytail is unprofessional despite a lack of dress code mentioned in their employment contract. 

To stand up for herself Rivas launched a bold legal battle against her boss. After Rivas first files a serious complaint, her boss took the step to send out a new memo to create a new set of rules regarding employee appearance. 

In the memo, Rivas’ boss have forbid “cultural head wraps” as well as visible straps, sandals, hats, lace, and more. And being the professional employee, Rivas is complying with the regulations. However, it might be in a way her manager had likely expected.

To express herself as she sees fit, Rivas now goes to work everyday in impressive cosplay outfits. And after reading the new dress code, it appears that each outfit is technically acceptable. The new guidelines created by her boss say nothing about wigs, capes, or collared contacts.

Rivas will be enjoying her time to be creative while she's waiting for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to investigate the situation.

“#NeverPissOffCosplayingScorpios,” was the word of Rivas online. Some of her chosen characters might wear capes, but we can’t help but notice that it's Rivas herself who's the spunky superhero, and fighting for the rights of women everywhere. 

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