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Date: 2018-11-15

Before we get into this complete nonsense I must say its incredibly hilarious to see a British version of the Jerry Springer Show, with the same issues the same sort of studio – and I'm sure its the same type of audience that buys tickets to see the same kind of drama unfold.

Recently, on The Jeremy Kyle Show titled "I left you for your best friend – now you won't let me see my son", is an episode filled with DRAAAMAAA. Firstly a gentlemen named Shaun started off the show by saying he didn't want the child in the first place while Emma, Shaun's ex-partner, sits off camera in disbelief.

Apparently, the relationship faltered because Shaun became unhappy when Emma would arrive home from work, smelling like a tramp and go straight to bed. Now while this whole interview is going on Emma is called out twice by Jeremy Kyle for shouting out angry responses while backstage. The interview continues with Shaun explaining how he started dating Emma's best friend named Trudy who, of course, has been asked to be there today.

Before we know it, there's screaming, security guards and foam running down the classy woman's face. If that's your vibe, check out the video below for all the deets.

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