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Daytona Beach was filled with fun beards as competitors arrived for the 2023 Honest Amish National Beard and Moustache Championship. Photographer Elle J was on hand to take the official portraits, showing off the amazing beards, moustaches and goatees that entered this year's contest.

Participants took part in a  variety of categories and classes, offering everything from neatly trimmed beards to stunning homemade beards using creative materials to create the illusion of a beard or moustache. But where the contestants really shine is in the freestyle division, where they use their natural hair to create incredible shapes. The final result is sculptural and shows just how much you can do with a beard or moustache. Jay's portraits reflect the participants' pride in their beards.

For many people, it takes years to perfect their appearance, and a well-groomed face conveys a sense of satisfaction with what has been accomplished. The winners were crowned in  47 different categories, but the top prize went to Jacob Darlington, who won the Best in Show award. He took first place for the first time with Fullbeard Garibaldi, a big win. According to the competition's official  website, Garibaldi's beard is "wide and rounded at the bottom, measuring no more than 20 cm from the bottom of the lower lip." A natural look is preferred and "the moustache should not be separated or styled from the beard."

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