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A lovestruck amorous flame bowerbird, which lives in Papua and New Guinea, performed a dramatic and expressive dance with a female of its species. He opens his eyes wide and waves her feathers, clearly showing that he is interested in mating with her. 

After building a delicate "nest" of sticks, a gate-like entrance for potential mates, the male Flame Bowerbird prepares a complex dance comparable to the movements of a flamenco dancer. The nest arrangement is called an avenue bower and is one of his three display structures preferred by most of the 20  bowerbird species. 

While many bowerbirds decorate their environments with brightly coloured, shiny finds such as flowers, leaves, feathers, bottle caps, and large collections of blue plastic trash, this one minimally decorates its environment with snail shells, leaves, and a few blue and purple berries.

Unfortunately, after all his efforts and dedication and heart-felt dance, another male appeared to have ruined his chance. BBC Earth added, "One final flourish to cap weeks of effort. But something’s wrong. His rival is back and at the worst possible moment what should he do? For the female, the moment has gone. Sometimes, no matter what you do, things just don’t work out."

According to Oiseaux-Birds.com, "When a female approaches to visit the bower, the male may collect some sticks with the bill and begins its dance. It tries to appear as small as possible, before puffing up the plumage to look bigger. The effect is reinforced when the male extends its wings. It is time for the female to inspect the bower. The male intensifies the dance and continues to extend its wings. But it is also able to ‘play’ with its eyes, with the deep yellow irises and the black pupils alternating to change the eye’s colour. The irises can be entirely yellow with only a very small black pupil, and in addition, not necessarily both eyes but only one, making the gaze hypnotic.

“When both mates are at the bower, they touch their bills. During the displays, the male produces some rasping and hissing notes. Some items such as insects or berries can be seen in the bill."

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