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When thinking of little ducklings, there is one magnificent duck that stands out of the rest of his crowd, and in this case, this duckling literally stands out. At the University of York, one duck towers above all the rest. 

The mallard/Indian Runner duck hybrid, named Long Boi, stands as tall as 70 centimetres. This tall fellow is dwarfing his mallard friends, who grow on average to be 60 centimetres.

Long Boi's origins still remain a mystery to everyone. Standing out with his impeccable posture has made him a celebrity on campus. Since he has made an impression on his fellow students, students have started an Instagram account "longboiyork" for Long Boi since 2019. 

Fans can visit his Instagram account to show support. They can also purchase a line of merchandise for those who want to show their love with a Long Boi T-shirt, mug or sticker. 

According to one of the captions on his account, the majestic duck is always "Feeling heckin' löngthy". 

Even though he is way taller and stands out from his friends, this duckling has something else that sets Long Boi apart from his duck friends.

Natalia Kubala writes in a paper discussing Long Boi's biological advantages. She states that "He is easy to spot due to his distinctive Indian Runner shape and size; long neck, tall posture and characteristic run. Unlike most ducks that move around by waddling, as the name would suggest, the Indian Runners run. They take bigger steps meaning they can move a lot faster than some other species, which is called a 'quickstep.'"

He also recently went viral on social media. One Twitter user claimed that Long Boi was the "tallest mallard duck to have ever lived," standing over 1 meter tall. 

The friendly Long Boi spends his days hanging out with other feather friends on campus, grazing by the lake, resting in the shade, feasting on seeds right out of people's hands and spreading love and joy to the students on the campus.

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