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There are special levels in GTA5 that will challenge you beyond comprehension. One guy, though, is a masochist who refuses to give up. Here he is finishing the 99.9% Impossible Challenge.

If you've finished Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) but don't want to put the controllers down, then jumping into the world of special levels created by other players is a blast.

Some of them are fast and easy, others require brute force or luck, and then you get the ones that require patience, finesse and calm.

It's the latter that we're exploring today with YouTuber, GrayStillPlays, as he takes on the mighty 99.9% Impossible Challenge. Before he gets there, though, he first has to complete a couple of other levels. 

These mainly contain straights made of steps and other obstacles that force the car into tumbles and cartwheels. There's probably a knack to finishing them with more class, but our buddy, Gray, manages both levels with a bit of luck.

Then, it's time for the big boy. The 99.9% Impossible Challenge is a course of obstacles made from a variety of different items, and the vehicle of choice to complete the route is a pink monster truck with four-wheel-steering.

Obstacles include riding along the sidewall of giant tyres, balancing on moving stop signs, riding through the world's largest speed bumps, and navigating a bridge of exploding gas bottles.

There's a pathway made of enormous bowling balls, skinny two tracks the exact width of the vehicle's wheels, and ramping over chasm's thousand's feet in the air.

Whoever made this is a genius, and it will appeal to gamers who love to overcome funky and quirky precision races. It's the 99.9% Impossible Challenge, and this is how you finish it. Enjoy the show!

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