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With so many traditions, languages and cultures found all over the world, it’s good to know that there’s one thing that brings most of us together… a good cup of coffee.

While the coffee is the thing that binds is, we’re all different when it comes to making or drinking it.

Here are five unique coffees from around the world:

Caffe de olla is unique to Mexico. Mexicans add a natural sugar called panela as well as cinnamon to their coffee. It’s made in a big stoneware pot and some versions even have orange peel in them. Doesn’t it sound less like coffee and more like a soup of some kind? Whatever, if they’re pouring, we’re definitely having.

In Ethiopia, a coffee called Jimma is very popular, it’s from the country’s Wallaga region. Here, every pot of coffee is literally made from scratch. First the beans are prepared to be washed and then they’re washed.

Only then are they roasted and added to a pot on an open fire. Once it has brewed, they drink it. It’s clear that not many of us will be willing to make coffee here, we’re way too lazy for that.

Next up is Sweden – a country known for loving design, simplicity, and cheese in their coffee. Sorry, what? Other countries add milk, cinnamon (hi there Mexico) or sugar, but the Swedes make their own cheese, slice it up into pieces and then put it in a cup. Once the coffee is boiled, they then add it to the cheese and drink it.

Right, now that we’re mentioning weird coffee ingredients, we’re off to Vietnam. Egg coffee is a delicacy sold at a popular family-owned coffee shop in the city of Hanoi. The strange phenomenon dates back to the 1970’s when milk was really expensive and only kept for the elderly and young children.

So, the rest of the people who wanted milk with their coffee made a plan by adding egg and sugar together, mixing it up and then layering it on top of the coffee like milk froth. Well, we guess that’s breakfast sorted as well.

In Turkey, they have a unique way of making coffee by putting the pot with the water and beans into hot desert sand. The sand is so hot that the water starts to boil and then it’s ready to serve. While you’d think this is only done in the actual desert, you’d be surprised to hear that it’s served in café’s in the city of Istanbul. The sand is brought to the city and kept in beautiful containers so that the tradition can be honoured for as long as the people want their coffee to be heated in desert sand.

On that note, we’re off to have a cup of Boerekoffie – South African favourite – black coffee with condensed milk instead of sugar or milk. It’s a pretty sweet treat any time of the day.

Watch the Great Big Story video below for more on these five unique coffees from around the world.

Image credit: Great Value Vacations

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