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They say age is just a number. But, seriously, some seniors out there make us feel old.

Like the granny with the six pack, Ernestine Shepherd. The 80-year-old bodybuilder started training at age 7, and has a six pack we can only dream of. She can bench press 50 kilograms, and holds the Guinness World Record for the Oldest Competing Female Bodybuilder.

Back in 1931, Mark Sertich discovered his love for ice hockey, and that love affair hasn’t stopped one bit. He still loves it so much that this 96-year-old plays three times a week, even if it is with and against much younger people.

To get ready for his day, Mark starts with sit ups and pushups along with other stretches to loosen him up before he hits the ice rink.

His secret to staying young? He swaps the numbers around, so instead of being 96 years old, he tells himself that he’s 69.

We’ve heard of jazz and we’ve heard of exercise, but jazzercise is blowing our minds. Judi Sheppard Missett invented this specific exercise back in the day, and the business has grown to more than 8,500 franchises globally.

Judi still teaches jazzercise every single day, even at the young age of 75!

Well, it looks like we still have some time to find our dreams.

Watch the Great Big Story video below for more on these young seniors.

Image credit: Glamour

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