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There are many fruits, such as oranges and bananas, that are easy to peel and eat. Others, like watermelons, are more of a challenge. We all know the most traditional way of cutting the watermelon into squares or triangles to enjoy. But what if there was another way, is not actually that hard and makes your watermelon look radical? 

Former NASA engineer, Mark Rober, has shared a video of a demonstration of how to create an impressive skinned watermelon. This cutting style gives the illusion that the inner centre of the watermelon is somehow separated from the outer rind, and it only takes one cut. Rober demonstration does, however, take a little bit of work to prepare.

Rober first starts off with two watermelons of similar shapes and sizes. He then proceeds to make numerous shallow cuts in one watermelon until there was no green rind left. Next, he trims off all the edges to make it look a little more uniform.

At this point, Rober says the watermelon looks okay but adds that he wants to make it appear absolutely smooth, so there is no evidence of his handiwork. After creating the silky-smooth interior for his trick, Rober halves the second watermelon to make the fake rind. After cutting it in half, you can gut the watermelon using whichever method you prefer and carve out both halves:

It might seem like a lot of steps, but wait until you see the end result... it will blow you away!

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