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Date: 2016-01-08

We all fantasize about winning the lottery even though we know we have a very slim chance of that dream actually coming true.

People still try their luck and enter the lottery, picking their numbers very carefully and this time, Fox news decided to arrive at the scene to interview the entrants but this guy decided that honesty was the best policy and his answer of "strippers and cocaine" which left the news reporter speechless. But wait, it gets worse with these peoples plans:

Buy a house in England, buy a Lamborghini and a Corvette, hire a dude to kidnap Russell Brand & bring him to me, then spend a lot of money on a huge expensive wedding for me & him...

We could fund the next shuttle to Mars with rubber duckies. America's Duck, Russia's Duck, China's Duck, Australia's Duck, just a whole bunch of ducks on Mars.

Rent a plane, buy as many tacos and tiny parachutes as you can afford. Drop them over a city. On a Tuesday. World's best Taco Tuesday.

Don't worry Russell Brand, they say the chances of you dying on your way to get the lottery ticket is greater than your chances of winning! What would you spend your million on? Strippers and cocaine?

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