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Just when you think you couldn’t love them anymore than you already do, you find out there’s still more reasons to love the cast of the hit 90s hit sitcom, Friends.

That intro was purely for the millennials reading this, the rest of the world know exactly what Friends was and why we loved it so much.

Friends was originally called Six Of One, but luckily the name changed even before the pilot episode aired.

Did you know that Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox originally auditioned for each other’s roles and then convinced the producers to switch? We’re really glad they did. Can you imagine Courteney as Rachel and Jennifer as Monica?

Did you know that our favourite Friends are friends in real life as well? Now that’s #friendsgoals! Before they recorded an episode, all six of the main cast members would get together and give each other a big group hug. Aaah man, all the feels right here.

In real life, Lisa Kudrow couldn’t play the guitar and suggested that her character, Phoebe, played bongos. We’re glad the producers didn’t go with that as Phoebe’s lack of guitar playing talent gave us all hope... right, Smelly Cat?

Watch the Entertainment Tonight video below and we hope you enjoy the bloopers as much as we did.

Image credit: Simplemost

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