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Veronica Galindo was just having a normal work day at the vet office when she suddenly noticed a very strange thing. Galindo spotted a frog peeking out from a utility hole outside. 

As she went close to inspect the unusual sight further, she realised that the little frog wasn’t just hanging out, but was actually a little stuck.

Galindo opened up the utility door with hopes that she would be able to just squeeze the little frog out.  However she was shocked to discover that the ‘little’ frog was a lot more stuck and had a lot more to him. The poor frog was huge, and his belly was all bloated, which is probably how he’d ended up stuck. 

Realising that it is not going to be an easy job and having no idea how she was going to go about getting him unstuck, she was still determined to do whatever she can to get the little guy back into the wild again.

“I think he hopped on top of the hole and fell in, then became bloated in a panic thinking he was being eaten.”

Galindo decided that the next step is try to get his bloating under control. She sat with the frog for a while, massaging his belly and after a while the swelling began to go down. It seemed that her efforts were paying off and that they were getting closer to being able to get him free.

The frog was also helping in his own way and tried to spin himself sideways while continuing to move his legs. Galindo lend her hand to the poor frog so that he can use her hands to push off of, really trying to work together as a team.  

Finally, after lots of tricks and twirls the poor thick little frog was finally free. Galindo held him and made sure he was OK before releasing him into the grass.

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