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Fun fact: Did you know that there are 195 countries in the world? From the smallest being the Vatican City to the biggest country being Russia.

There’s a fun fact about every single one of them, and WonderWhy has started with the first half of the alphabet. Here are some of them:

Algeria is the biggest country in Africa, but only 10% of it is habitable. The other 90% consists of the Sahara Desert.

Bolivia has a navy of about 5,000 people. So, what’s weird about that? A lot of countries do. Well, the fact that it’s a landlocked country means it's pretty strange. As in landlocked completely, no coastline at all.

China is a massive country and should actually be covered by five different time zones, but the entire country follows Beijing time. Now, Beijing is on the far west side of the country, yet it is officially the only time zone in the country. So, even if the moon is still shining and it’s pitch black outside, it’s 8AM in Beijing so you should probably be at the office already.

Finland sounds like our kind of place because it has an annual beer floating event. Helsinki plays host to this summer event where participants float down the river and drink beer. Cheers to that!

Israel once offered Albert Einstein the chance to become their president. Seriously! He politely declined.

Thinking of getting your group of friends together for a fun getaway? Renting an apartment in a resort is so last season (well, not that 2020 allowed us to rent apartments in resorts, but you know what we mean). The entire country of Liechtenstein can be rented for $70,000 per night.

That’s just some of the fun facts on the list. Watch the WonderWhy video below for more fun facts on every single country in the world. Part 2 is coming up, so we’ll get there don’t worry.

Image credit: The Blue Book Building And Construction Network

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