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Lady Liberty, who stands proudly in New York, could arguably be the world’s most famous monument.

While you know who she is and what she looks like, there are probably some fun facts about her that you might not know. Are you ready?

So, we all know that the Statue of Liberty was donated to the United States by France. But did you know that the actual monument was shipped as more than 300 different copper pieces? It arrived via cargo ship on the 17th of June 1885, and then all the pieces had to be put together.

The statue wasn’t always green. Because it’s made of copper, oxidation had an effect on it so, eventually, it turned green. During the process, the statue was half copper, half green at one stage before it turned completely green during the 1920s.

When the wind is strong, the statue can sway by almost eight centimetres and its torch by about 13 centimetres.

If you want to go to the top and admire the view, you’ll have to take 348 steps to get to the crown. While you can access the crown, you can’t access the torch.

There are many rumours and tales about who the statue’s face was modelled on. While most people believe it is a woman, there are some people who think the statue’s face was modelled on a man.

Watch the Bright Side video below for these and more fun facts about the Statue of Liberty.

Image credit: SilverKris

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