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Every year, the best of the best adverts come out to play during the Super Bowl. Judging by Will Ferrell's build up to his Super Bowl ad with General Motors, it.s going to be another good year.

The comedian has teamed up with the car manufacturer and they're out to get the entire country of Norway. Why? Well, it turns out that Norway sells more electric cars per capita than the United States.

While it might be OK for most of us, it's definitely not OK for Will Ferrell and General Motors. A series of ads have been building up to what we can only imagine will be a hilarious ad during the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday.

In one of the ads, he enlists the help of fellow actors, Kenan Thomson and Awkwafina. Together, they team up to help the United States crush Norway. While Will convinces them to travel to Norway with him, he ends up in Sweden and the other two in Finland.

It's literally all fun and games, but we all know that no ad gets made just for the fun of it. The Will Ferrell ads promote the Ultium electric vehicle platform that will form the basis of General Motors' future battery-powered models.

The ad also features the FMC Hummer EV that will also be built on the Ultium.

Watch the GM-Trucks video below. Based on what we've seen so far, we can't wait for Super Bowl 2021. Oh yes, there will be football played as well.

Image credit: Grist

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