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Date: 2018-09-13

Sometimes all it takes to make a meal great is a presentation, so much so that you can even forget how crappy the food is because of how impeccable it’s been packaged.

With that in mind, here are perhaps the most genius food packaging designs ever created either to help you enjoy your food better or simply as just a convenience factor.

You can do this with almost all pizza boxes, take the top cover of the box, fold it in four and cut along the creases for a convenient plate that you can throw away after instead of washing dishes.

A good marketing tactic was used at a store called Mini Stop where they made their French fry box Goku from dragon ball Z so that when you have fries in the box it looks like Goku's hair.

A clever manufacturer designed sandwich bags with printed 'mould' patches on the plastic supposedly for your lunch to never get stolen.

A genius packaging invention for nuts was conveniently created with a partition in the middle so you can eat your peanuts and throw the shells on the other side of the partition so the shells don't mix in with your fresh peanuts.

See the video for more genius food packaging inventions:

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