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The world and all its gems and geodes certainly has a way of still surprising us with the unique beauty it beholds. For centuries  these amazing rocks from rainbow crystals to heart-shaped amethysts continue to prove that you can never be too sure about what you’ll find when you crack them open. 

One of the latest unexpected discoveries was found in an agate from Brazil. Gem collector Mike Bowers, with the help of Lucas Fassari, unearthed the rock that the famed Sesame Street character, the Cookie Monster was hiding within. The resemblance to the beloved puppet is uncanny. Displaying several key factors such as  the blue face, goofy grin, and large googly eyes.

The rare Muppet mineral was hidden in a small, egg-shaped volcanic rock and gave no indication to the founders that once it is split open there would be two flawless recreations of Cookie Monster clad in sapphire quartz. 

Bowers released a reveal video on Instagram to announce this fabulous find. The video was accompanied by the now-iconic song “C is for Cookie” sung by the king of confections himself.

Due to the rare stone and the resemblance to the character, people have been willing to pay upwards of $10,000 for a chance to own the set. But even after several offers made for the precious rare stone, Bowers decided that he is keeping the Cookie Monsters all to himself for the time being, however once he decides to sell the unique finding, he will see some big numbers on a check.

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