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Kicking off the weekend the right way is pretty easy... all you need is an ice cold drink and some good company – but ice cold drinks vary around the world the world. These DIY combinations might take you by surprise but, apparently, these combos are absolutely amazing (we will take your word for it). The Buzzfeed community chipped in to create a list of drinks from around the world:

"In Germany, a Radler is a half-and-half mix of either Sprite or sparkling lemonade and beer, and it's surprisingly delicious!"
By: oliviaf41947d6af

So, the sweet kinda cancels out the bitterness of the beer... we can see how that would work!

"My friends and I often mix black vodka and Fristi, a strawberry drink. It’s delicious although it looks gross AF (it’s gray)."

By: oliviad4a8fec265

We can't say we would be in a rush to try this one. Generally dairy doesn't mix well with alcohol (especially on the way up) and a grey drink would certainly put us off.

"In Argentina, we drink Fernet (a bitter spirit) with Coke, especially in Cordoba."

By: AllyB

This combination sounds like a winner, strong and bitter always works with soft drinks!

"When I went to Colombia back in 1993, mixing Colombiana soda with lager was popular!"

By: melialexander

This one leaves us a bit sceptical because plain soda would only make the bitterness weaker and make it taste like watered down beer with even more fizz...... skip!

"Any type of sorbet in a martini glass with vodka. One of my favourites was a lemon sorbet with little pieces of lemon zest – the sorbet melts and blends with the vodka sooooo well. I had these in Paris a lot."

By: carolyns473a43d9f

Um yes! What could be better than a fruity flavoured vodka that you can scoop out a glass? It sounds like any girls dream!

"Kalimotxo from Spain! It's a mix of red wine and Coca-Cola that is super popular during the summer months in Spain (and parts of Latin America)!"
By: terezac

It's pretty common all over the world and it's a great way to water down a strong drink without losing flavour but this drink is NOT for the wine connoisseurs out there. The wine definitely loses a bit of its flavour and gets lost in sweetness but it could work if you have a fruity red wine.

"The go-to drink in Mexico is tequila and lemon flavoured soda."
By: Erika Drewke

We would definitely order a tequila and lemonade which is especially tasty if you're not a fan of sweet soft drinks.

"In China, most people drink whiskey mixed with green tea. This is slightly more ~highbrow~ than other boozy combos on this list, this cocktail was especially popular in the early 2000's."

This kinda contradicts the point of green tea though... Healthy somewhat tasteless bitter (some say like cat pee) with whiskey? We say, save the whiskey and ditch the tea!

Do you have any weird and crazy drink combos to spice up the weekend?

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