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Shops that are open 24-hours-a-day usually attract a different kind of crowd compared to their normal trading hour counterparts.

While most people are asleep during the early hours of the morning, strange characters – or those heading home after a night out – are known to stop by a convenience store late at night.

Come on, let’s be honest here for a second. We’ve all been there, so we know how strange these stores can become. But, customers at a 24-hour convenience store in Thailand saw something that most of us have never seen before.

A huge monitor lizard was caught on camera climbing the shelves of a convenience store. While most shoppers were frightened, a few customers can actually be heard laughing in the background. We would definitely not have stayed around to have a good laugh, but maybe that’s just us.

Some shoppers believe the lizard came into the store to escape the heat and humidity from outside, as the store has aircon inside.

Whether the lizard was there to shop, cool down or just hang around doesn’t matter to us, what we’re concerned about is how it got in there in the first place.

Watch the Today video below to see how the lizard climbed the shelves of a convenience store in Thailand.

Image credit: All4Women

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