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It is undeniable how beautiful amethyst geodes are. The enchanting crystals sparkle at any size, but when you come across geodes that are larger than life, it is like looking into the milky way up close. 

Would you believe that there are geodes much taller than a human? Well it is true. Mineral purveyor Nowar Minerals, Inc., shared photos of massive amethyst geodes which weighs more than 10,000 pounds. One geode in particular came in at a staggering 26,000 pounds and stood 22 feet tall.

The Artigas region in Uruguay is famous for producing ultra-large geodes. These naturally occurring wonders are famous in this are due to favorable environmental factors that include 120-million-year-old basalt—a volcanic rock—flows and mineral-rich groundwater. 

Even though Nowar Minerals shared many impressive geodes with a staggering height and weight, they are however not the largest known amethyst geode on record. That honor, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, goes to an amethyst weighing 28,660 pounds.

What a beautiful creation form in our earth. But despite their gorgeous site, these amethyst also relieves stress and enhances the wearer’s inner strength and stability.

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