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If you think you’re ready for whatever 2020 has left to throw at us, brace yourself.

A 21-year-old optician from Texas quit her job and has since been making millions of dollars from… wait for it… acting like a puppy on TikTok.

Jenna Phillips, who goes by the name of "Puppy Girl Jenna" on TikTok, shares videos of herself doing things that puppies would usually do. This includes getting walked on a leash by her owner Jack, drinking water from a bowl on the floor and being punished for urinating on the floor.

Since she has gained hundreds of thousands of fans on TikTok, she launched an account on the adult only website Only Fans. There she charges her fans about R330 a month to view her exclusive content.

The Daily Mail reports that one of Jenna’s videos has been viewed more than 1.1 million times and shows her on all fours wearing a metal leash at an outdoor restaurant. Yes, she even goes out in public and acts like a puppy. In front of other people!

In an interview with The Mirror, Jenna told the publication that she just wants to "roll around, play fetch, get head scratches, run around and play. All of that.

"I have always acted like a puppy…I really love praise. I love hearing 'good girl'. It makes my heart melt every time."

The Daily Mail further reports that when Jeanna realised that there’s a demand for the puppy market, she resigned from her full-time job and started to make the very weird, yet lucrative videos.

"My revenue has increased 100 times since I moved to puppy play content. I’m making six figures monthly."

While we have so many questions, and have literally cringed watching some of her videos, we’ve got to hand it to her: she saw the gap in the market and went for it. Good girl, Jenna.

Watch the James Bray video below for more on Jenna and her puppy videos.

Image credit: Know Your Meme

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