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Take a look at these celebrities who got an extreme Photoshop makeover, from Billie Eilish to The Rock, and the results are incredible!

Have you ever imagined seeing The Rock as a regular skinny dude? Or seeing Dr Phil with a head full of hair? How bizarre and incredibly hilarious that would be?

So this YouTuber by the channel name, TechKaboom, decided to take a bunch of celebrities photos and give them an extreme makeover in Adobe Photoshop, and the results are just straight up bizarre and mind-blowingly funny!

TechKaboom starts off with a photo of David Dobrik, and then Photoshop's him to look like a SoundCloud rapper. Next is The Rock, who receives the opposite of what he wants! He gets his muscles deflated and looks like just a regular guy with some tribal tattoo's. Then, Dr Phil gets a complete turn-around by having his moustache shaved off and a head full of hair added. Charli D'Amelio gets an emo look. Kevin Heart changes into a tall buff basketball player. Ellen DeGeneres as Pennywise from IT. The Vlog Squad as the cast of Friends. Billie Eilish transforms into Cinderella. Loren Grey turns into a Barbie doll. And lastly, Robert Downy Jr. and Tom Holland as Rick and Morty!

Take a look at this rather bizarre yet hilariously funny video below from the YouTube channel, TechKaboom, on Giving Billie Eilish (& Others) An Extreme Photoshop Makeover.

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