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Many dogs are crazy about anything ball related especially playing fetch. But there’s one dog in Canandaigua, New York, who takes his love for balls to a next level. The adorable Golden Retriever named l Finley can hold six tennis balls in his mouth at one time. This amazing skill earned him the Guinness World Record for “most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog.”

As all Golden Retrievers owners have witness is that retrievers have a natural drive to retrieve especially their most beloved ball which tend to be a tennis ball. Since he was just a little puppy, Finley started showing his love for tennis balls. As a puppy he started carrying the tennis balls around in his mouth wherever he goes. His parents first spotted his talent to fix six balls in his mouth back in 2017. However, it wasn’t until recently that this playful pup was awarded for his impressive talent.

Finley’s owner, Erin Molloy recalls, “My dad would throw him a tennis ball, he’d catch it, drop it, then wait for my dad to throw another. Rather than bringing just one ball back to my dad, he brought back all six! He’s been a ball hoarder for quite some time now!”

When Molley discovered that the previous record for the most tennis balls in a dog’s mouth was five tennis balls, set by a Golden Retriever named Augie in 2003, she decided to submit Finley’s achievement to Guinness World Records. 

Finley’s Instagram page wrote, “BIG NEWS! I can officially say that I am in the @guinnessworldrecords book for 2022. This of course wasn’t easy, and certainly felt like forever and a day to accomplish! Thank you to all my friends and fans who have been following my tennis ball journey since the beginning.”

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