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Lately, people can't help but feel image-conscious, making them put a lot of emphasis on looking their best.

Following the closure of salons and barbers during the worldwide pandemic, many of us have been left feeling rather ungroomed. We even started learning how to do most of this grooming themselves – even though it sometimes turned out to be forehead-slapping failures. 

After months of trying to colour our hair ourselves, it's not a shocker to think we've aced it and now may know more than your hairdresser. 

Well, this one hairdresser was left baffled after one of her customers started applying the hair dye herself during the appointment.

Hairstylist, Hailey Denker, was left confused as she spotted her latest customer sneakily adding extra dye to her own hair. The customer clearly thought that she knew best when it came to how many colours were needed on her barnet.

After her hairstylist finished the woman's foils, she started adding the extra dye from the bowl to loose locks of hair. Watching bemused, the hairstylist started filming her doing so. Hailey shared the video online, joking, "When your client thinks you didn't put enough foils in… She insisted on adding a lightener in herself."

Viewers were not impressed by the customer's actions, as one commented: "I would never do her hair again if I were you". Another added: "The hairdresser in the back is just laughing at her".

Another hairdresser commented: "I'd take the bowl from her, leave the colour to process, then laugh at her when she complains it's uneven." 

Someone else said: "I'm not surprised. I had a lady grab my shears and cut her own hair."

"There's a reason they are called hair stylists."

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