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A war leaves emotional and physical scars on a family which never truly heals. Wars brings sadness and trauma to the family of the soldiers and those who have lost a loved one in a war. 

A Hungarian village of Vácrátót pays tribute to all soldiers who fought and died in WWI and WWII with a heartwarming memorial featuring a moving statue. The statue depicts a family of four in traditional Hungarian folk clothing. However, the father figure in the statue is missing from the portrait and displays  a cutout silhouette of where the soldier is supposed to be. 

This heartwarming tribute sculptor was created by Hungarian sculptor Böjte Horváth István. The monument was created to remind us all of the great sacrifice all soldiers made to defend their country against their enemies. It also reminds us that those who fought in the war and sacrifices their life will never be forgotten by their loved ones. 

The sculpture also symbolise much more than just the soldier. The sculpture shows the wife with her arm extended to wrap around her husband's shoulder and the youngest child who is propped up on the invisible knee of their father. The daughter also leans her body into the empty space where her father should have be showing the bond between a father and child which is now forever lost.

These little actions also illustrates the unimaginable loss of thousands of families from these two catastrophic events.

A large stone plaque has also been added at the bottom of the statue reading dozens of names of Hungarian soldiers from Vácrátót who served and died in WWI and WWII.

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