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Just because lockdown has put a damper on leaving the house doesn't mean you can't still enjoy partaking in awesome games. Check out this rad virtual heist escape room with Chris Ramsay and his friends!

In unprecedented times like this pandemic, which none of us has experienced before, necessity is the mother of invention. In this case, a business that relies on feet through the door must find a solution. Otherwise, they might find themselves having to close up shop.

We watch YouTuber, Chris Ramsay, and some of his friends as they join the team at The Escape Game for a Zoom conference. It's not a business meeting, rather, they've joined together to play a game called The Heist, a virtual escape room that they have an hour to complete.

If you've never played one of these before, the concept is simple; find clues scattered through the room to solve a bunch of puzzles which will help you progress to the end. In this case, they've got to break into an art gallery and steal a painting from a criminal. The ingenious part of this particular version is that Chris and company can do it from the virus-free comfort of their own homes.

The guys at The Escape Room devised a solution to the issue of not being allowed to have customers on the actual premises, they strapped a camera and microphone to a staff member they call the "Field Agent". He's the proxy for the team and follows their instructions to complete the tasks.

It looks like a ton of fun and, quite easily, a way for them to get international clients to play too. So check them out in action in the video below. If you like puzzle games with a storyline, then this may be just up your alley!

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