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If you've never heard of The Escape Room, here are the basics...

Your team gets locked into a room (pretty scary already, right?). In order to escape the room, you have to find clues, use logic and put the pieces of the puzzle together. 

As someone who has actually been in The Escape Room, I can tell you... It's CHALLENGING.

On top of the brain power required to play this game, there is a timer. If you aren't out of the room when the timer goes off, you lose.

In this video, there are two teams. One is sober, one is drunk. Immediately one would think that playing the game sober would guarantee a win. 

But perhaps not? If you're playing this game drunk, you may be a bit clumsy. But you also have a totally different perspective, totally weird and creative ideas (something you might need to escape the room), and you're less likely to doubt your instincts.

So, in all honesty, the competition is a difficult one to bet on. 

Watch these two teams play Escape The Room, and see which blood-alcohol level wins!

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