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When it comes to a particular field of study and what it entails, it is easy to sometimes get stuck as we only see a narrow view of the subject, however, Dominic Walliman has made it much easier in the field of science and math as he reveals in his impressive science infographics that there's much more than meets the eye when thinking of particular STEM subjects. 

In his various science infographics, Walliman demonstrates the diversity and complexity of subjects such as biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, and mathematics with the use of visual maps which explores the breadth of each field. He has also created animated videos exploring his science infographics to help the viewer understand. 

What makes it even more mind-blowing is that Walliman manages to pack all the shades of each complex field on one page.

Taking the Map of Mathematics for example, all the information on the one page travels from the origins and foundations of the field to the differences between pure mathematics and applied mathematics. Likewise, chemistry is divided between rules and different sub-topics like biochemistry and inorganic chemistry and what falls underneath each of that two topics. 

Whether your a scientist or a teacher trying to find a better way to explain to others the content of each field or a student who can't put their finger on how they might use their math or science degree, Walliman's infographics will come in handy. 

Consider them roadmaps to possible careers or cheat sheets to figuring out how quantum physics is related to the theory of relativity, and even how all of these scientific fields overlap and fit together like a puzzle.

Take a look at Dominic Walliman’s science infographics and animated videos that explore how the fields of biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, and mathematics relate.

The Map Of Mathematics 
The Map Of Chemistry 

The Map Of Biology

The Map Of Physics
The Map Of Computer Science

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