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We've all laid eyes on a big house or two in our lives, but the 15 enormous mansions in this list will put them to shame.

Prepare yourself for a drool-worthy compilation of incredible homes. These 15 enormous mansions are next-level. So much so, in fact, that it's hard to believe they are homes, some of them look like holiday resorts.

Even though domiciles are increasing in size as the rich get richer, some of these ginormous abodes were built a long time ago by tycoons of industry. For instance, the largest privately owned estate in the United States is called Biltmore. It was commissioned by George Washington van der Bilt II, and construction took place between 1889 and 1895.

Sitting in Ashville, North Carolina, this 175,000 square foot building sits on 125,000 acres of land. It has 250 rooms that take up nearly four acres of floor space under roof.

Others on the list include homes with breathtaking views of Hollywood, unbelievable amenities and eye-watering price tags. Some are in the centre of town while others are on secluded islands.

Any way you look at it, whether it's old money or newly minted billionaires, the rich know how to splurge. Especially when it comes to their, ahem, humble abodes. Click play on the Top Fives video below for a glimpse of 15 enormous mansions from around the world.

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