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It’s the US’s favourite ice cream and it’s available in 30 countries across the world. No wonder both Ben & Jerry’s factories work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep up with the big demand of the world’s favourite ice cream.

Together, these two factories make about 1 million ice cream pints per day. Their range includes classics like Cherry Garcia, and ice cream with a human twist like Home Sweet Honeycomb that deals with activism around refugee rights.

Ben & Jerry’s was started in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. The first outlet was opened in Vermont, United States. Since then, the plant in Vermont has grown into two factories (the ones you read about above) that are still producing ice cream to be shipped worldwide.

So, how is a pint of Ben & Jerry’s made? First, milk from the local milk factory is mixed with cream and lots of sugar. After that eggs, stabilizer and cocoa powder is added – if it’s a chocolate base ice cream.

Then the mixture gets pasteurised so that all the bad bacteria is killed before they are stored for four to eight hours. Along the way, the creamy mixture is frozen so that its texture is halfway between a milkshake and a soft serve. This is where the delicious ingredients are added before it’s ready to be packed and sealed.

Once every hour, six pints are taken out of the production line and cut open in the middle to check the quality.

The rest of the pints in the production line are then frozen for another three hours before they’re sealed in plastic and packed for shipment.

Now if only one of those trucks will deliver to South Africa…

Watch the Business Insider video below for more on how Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is made.

Image credit: Packaging Digest

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