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Not all cats are social animals, and some enjoy the peace of relaxing alone. As we all know, babies are very curious about their surroundings and sometimes our furry friends are the object of interest to these little minds. Some animals have gotten a bit smarter when it comes to handling the little ones. For example, a very wary cat named Churchill lives in Kyiv with his family and baby brother.  When it came to the little one exploring and almost catching sight of him, he immediately took action, or not. 

Hilariously, Churchil froze in place like a stuffed animal as Danilo his baby brother toddled by. Churchill remained perfectly still as Danilo grabbed everything in sight so that he could remain upright.

"In the video, our cat Churchill freezes when he sees interest from our son Danilo. The cat freezes, doesn’t breathe, and doesn’t blink, all for the sake of Danya not noticing him and passing by."

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