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Regardless of your level of knowledge, astronomy is very fascinating. After all, you don't have to be a professional astronomer to be fascinated by  full moons and starry skies. That's why when a man set up a telescope in the middle of a Brooklyn street, many people stopped and took a break from their daily lives. Passersby were offered a chance to take a quick look at Saturn and lined up for an impromptu astronomy session. The bizarre scene was captured in a video that is currently making the rounds online. The video shows a long line of people waiting their turn to look into a telescope placed casually  in the middle of the street. The owner standing next to it will likely be ready to help or offer  insightful comments. People in  cars driving at the scene did not appear angry and appeared to have slowed down to understand what was happening. 

Although the video is only a few seconds long, a lot stands out in this moment. This clip shows how easily science can engage people from all walks of life, and how we can all take the time to sit back and appreciate something like this. But all in all, this is a case where a bit of kindness and curiosity (the former  from the  owner of the telescope, the latter from the person waiting patiently  in line) lead a group of strangers to the planet. It is an example of how we can transform into a community united by the sight of a million people connected. Many miles away. 

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