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While some people spend hours thinking about clothes and what their next outfit is going to look like, there are others that just couldn’t care less. And when these two people meet, it’s hilarious.

If you’re going to spend hours on your outfit, hair, and makeup, you might want to double-check that your awesome new sweater which has the word 'SATURDAY' on it, doesn’t end up showing only the letters 'TURD'.

Checking copy is not only necessary, it’s important. In fact, some people make a living out of checking that copy is correct. Whoever was meant to check a sports team’s jerseys either had a bad day or just didn’t show up for work. How are you supposed to know the game plan when your jersey has both the number 12 and the word thirteen written on the back?

How can you take the news seriously when the newsreader is having a wardrobe malfunction? A female newsreader’s collar ended up looking like… well, how can we put this without making the news… a man’s manhood. The problem is once you’ve seen it, it’s impossible to unsee.

The Far East has been known to get mixed up with Western pop culture with hilarious results. What could be wrong with a shirt that says Nirvana but features the faces of the pop band Hanson? We can hear Kurt Cobain turning in his grave while singing mmmbop.

When some girls dream of their wedding dress, layers and layers of chiffon are usually included. What about a wedding dress that looks like you’re farting chiffon? We guess most girls wouldn’t say "I do" to that.

To see the wedding dress that makes you look like you’re farting chiffon and all the other hilarious clothing disasters plus more, watch the Daily Humour video below.

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