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We've seen them everywhere, they're called public notices, and it's hilarious when people respond with cheeky replies to them.

Whether it's an advert on a notice board or a sticky note on the milk in the office fridge, there's always some smart-Alec who has a cheeky response.

In a world filled with comedian wannabe's, these tongue-in-cheek replies to genuinely serious notices can be hit-or-miss. Usually, it's the latter, which is excellent for us. The images compiled together in the video below by YouTuber, Memes Time, showcase the best-of-the-best, and it's funny!

One of our favourites was a reply to a sticky note on a filter coffee machine. The first note says, "Coffee maker not hot," to which someone responded with another sticky saying, "But has a great personality". Simple and effective, hilarious!

Another cracker is a note on a vending machine that says, "!!!WARNING!!! MACHINE IS EATING DIMES AND QUARTERS. NO CREDIT....." Some comedian stuck another note just below it that reads, "Your quarters and dimes were delicious... (signed) TheMachine". Comedy gold!

So without further ado, press the play button on the video below and be inspired with the most hilarious responses to public notices ever!

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