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When an employee resigns, they usually tend to write a civilised letter in which they officially terminate their employment, and then go on to thank their employer for the opportunity.

Well, that’s definitely not for everyone.

Starsblvd compiled a list of hilarious resignation letters, or rather short notes, software notifications, takeaway signage, drawings and more that have gone viral.

Maybe this could give you an idea of what to do the next time you’re ready to resign and burn that bridge to the ground.

There’s the dinosaur way of doing it…


Why not go big with a Wendy’s display?


Drop the mic and leave!


If you’re not sure whether your boss would be able to read the fine print… go big and go home.


This is sure to catch an employer’s eye.


How much does it cost to get fired?


Quitting my job and not being theatrical about it at all.


Image credits: Starsblvd

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