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From your dad walking in without a shirt to your dog interrupting your weather report – while the entire world had to learn new skills, manage a stressful pandemic, and operate as parent, employee, teacher, chef and au pair at the same time – we at least managed to see the lighter side of an otherwise terrible situation.

Eight Dragon compiled a list of the funniest moments caught on camera while people all over the world were working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One woman is trying to have a serious conversation in what seems like an online meeting, when a man walks in with a beer in his hand and... no pants on. While trying to get out of the camera’s sight, the man then manages to walk into a door or a wall, before running out of the room. Well, we hope the woman managed to end her meeting on a high note.

Speaking of underwear… meet Johnny No Pants. After a meeting that seemed quite civilised and where everyone seemed to be dressed like they would be at the office, Johnny got up from his chair in what appears to be his underwear.

He then not only strutted his stuff in his living room, but also gave his own backside a smack – you know, as one does when you’ve just finished a meeting.

Unlucky for him, his colleagues have not yet logged off and got to see it all. A colleague then phonee Johnny to let him know what’s going on before he managed to embarrass himself even further.

Just when our now favourite weatherman starts to count down, Lola, his dog, starts to wake up.

An American weather anchor was trying to record his weather forecast, but his dog Lola kept interrupting him with her barks. While he at least managed to laugh at it, we’re glad to see he kept his cool under the hot circumstances.

Watch the full compilation of hilarious working from home fails compiled by Eight Dragon below.

Image credit: Reader’s Digest

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