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Date: 2018-10-04

Have you ever heard Hillary Clinton's story of her and her Husband, Bill, going to the store to but Locusts? Well, its a brilliant story of triumph and hilarity.

Mrs Clinton tells us her heartfelt story of her and the fork back in the day.
"So there I was, just this popular blonde, and there was this fork in my bridges because I put it there, alright. I was always like, 'what if I can't find a fork'? And everybody that I knew, knew about it and half the time they would be staring at me and I was like, this is great! Eventually, I just didn't put it in there anymore because, you know, I was told when you get a spoon pocket you were an amazing person, and you know, a spoon is actually better to carry!"

If you know the A Bad Lip Reading YouTube Channel, you will know how much work goes into these videos. Brilliant execution, all the right emotions and writing, make sure it actually makes sense as much as it's so nonsensical, additionally, the synchronization of syllables is excellent.

Watch the new 'A Bad Lip Reading' Video of Hillary stories below.

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