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It's not every day that a 911 call makes you smile, but this one was the reason why some armed police officers had a good chuckle.

Devon Garnett's neighbours heard a lot of screaming, jumping, and someone shouting "shoot" coming from his apartment. They immediately called the police thinking that a domestic violence situation was happening in the apartment above them.

The police were called out and, when they arrived at the scene, they asked Devon and his friend about the guns. Luckily the two friends were able to explain to the officers that it wasn't a domestic violence situation, but rather an ice hockey match that got them excited.

The "shoot, shoot!" that the neighbours heard shouting from upstairs, was aimed at the players on the ice as Devon and his friend cheered them on to score more points.

Luckily, the former strangers are now happy neighbours as the couple from the apartment below sent Devon beer to apologise. Now, if only countries at war could also just send one another beer, wouldn't that solve the world's problems?

Watch the Inside Edition video below to see how a big moment in sport was mistaken for a domestic violence issue.

Image credit: Daily Mail 

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