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As the Halloween season are upon us, we usually see two types of people during this time, those who go all out, and those who are not in the spirit of halloween. 

However Ohio resident Alan Perkins is definitely the type who goes all out during the Halloween season. Perkins spent a total of 25 days to build a spooky spectacle of a gigantic skeleton which appears to be breaking out of his home. Perkins’ house has been transformed into something from a skeleton nightmare as two giant skeleton arms appears to spookily break out from the house and one hand hand grabs another 12-foot tall skeleton in front of the house. Perkins even placed a smaller skeleton on the roof. All windows have been boarded up and decorated with spider webs. 

Three years ago, Perkins got the idea for his frightfully fun halloween display. “A few years ago, I saw a tree poking through a roof like they bought a Christmas tree that was too big. I thought it was fun and wanted to make a Halloween twist on it. I thought, ‘wouldn't it be neat if it looked like a skeleton was breaking out of my home?’ And that started the wheels turning.”

Perkins humorously wrote on Facebook that “Home Depot was out of giant skeletons. So I decided to make one.” And he definitely impressed everyone with his own handmade skeleton arms which he constructed out of foam, with PVC armature for support. 

Perkins did at least have the help of his two children to create his monstrous masterpiece. “I cut into the foam, glued the PVC in with spray foam, and shaped the pieces. The outside is coated in glue and sand to hard coat it a bit for abrasion when putting it up, and it is waterproofed with some clear exterior sealer.” 

But Perkins doesn’t want to stop his creative work just there and is planning on building a giant skull that will also appears as though it’s breaking through the roof. 

After sharing his amazing decorations of his home (located on River Road in Olmsted Falls—a southwestern suburb of Cleveland, Ohio) on the Cleveland Haunt Club Facebook group, Perkins’ incredible creation soon went viral and Perkins received several comments. “I stopped trying to follow the notifications,” he admits. “They moved too fast to even click on.”

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