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This is the story about the rather controversial start of the billion dollar energy drink company, here is how a duck farmer made Red Bull.

In 1923, a man by the name of Chaleo Yoovidhya was born in Phichit, Thailand. His parents were poor and raised ducks and grew and sold fruit to make a living. In his late teens, Yoovidhya got the opportunity to move to Bangkok and worked solely in the pharmaceutical industry. Later he would go on to start his own pharmaceutical company called TCP which, with his experience, invented a product range that would change not only change his life, but the world too: An energy tonic drink.

After becoming the biggest name in the energy supplement industry, he decided to change up the product to make it more commercial and available outside pharmacies, like in supermarkets and gas station refreshment shops. The drink was made sweeter and carbonated to appeal to the European market. At the time, Chaleo Yoovidhya went into partnership with Dietrich Mateschitz and moved to their new head offices in Austria.

Red Bull was now officially at the top of the market they initially created, but if they wanted to stay there, their marketing had to revolutionize the energy drink industry. So, the two co-founders decided to sponsor extreme sports such as aerobatics, BMX, Motorcross and, of course, Formula 1. Within a few short years after that, Red Bull quickly rose to become a sugar and caffeine-infused billion dollar empire.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Hook, on how a duck farmer made Red Bull.

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