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This is how a homeless man started a multimillion-dollar pizza franchise, Domino's Pizza.

Domino's Pizza founder, Tom Monaghan, was a foster child who grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After the 7th grade, Tom took an interest in business, and always tried to come up with innovative ways to make his side jobs quicker and more efficient, from finding innovative ways to speed up the tedious process of picking cherries to fishing and selling door to door.

A few years later, his brother James Monaghan contacted Tom and asked if he would be interested in going into partnership. He wanted to buy a small pizza business, to which Tom agreed. He took his entire savings and, together, they bought the pizza restaurant which was called Domi-Nick's Pizza.

However, his brother, James, got cold feet and decided to pull out of the business just six months later. This left Tom in a very difficult situation. The pizza business was not doing well and was losing money fast. Tom ended up so broke that he lived off burnt pizza and stale popcorn for a few weeks, and lost his home due to not being able to pay his monthly rental obligation.

Tom had to do something, and quickly, but all he had at this stage was $15 dollars in his pocket and an old banged-up car. Tom had to find a solution to get his business up and running and producing revenue.

Tom Monaghan came up with a simple solution, he would offer a free delivery service for his pizza orders. At the time, this was never done before. This service became so popular to students on campus in the area, that Tom could hardly keep up with the amount of business that was flooding in.

A few years later, Tom changed the name of the pizza business to Domino's Pizza and opened a few more stores. Soon thereafter, his business became an internationally recognised pizza brand.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Hook, on How A Homeless Man Created Domino's Pizza.

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