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It's a mind-bender for sure. Check out this impossible origami folding door and then find out how to make one yourself.

It's the type of door that'll make you think the mushrooms on the pizza you just ate were of the 'magic' kind. It's origami on the next level, and it's astonishing to see in action.

To try and explain how it works is a challenge in itself, but here goes. Basically, it's two perfect squares, precisely the same size, that make up the shape of a regular door. But, each square is made up of three parts, a large triangle, a trapezoid and a small triangle.

Along with regular hinges, there are three unique hinges too, made from pillow block bearings and heavy-duty bushings that create pivot-points. Then, all you need are some tools, like a drill-press, welder and grinder, and a degree in engineering.

In this particular video, our friend Jonny from Jonny Builds on YouTube uses wood for the inserts, but if you want to use metal, then go for it. You'll get one hellava workout every time you open or close the door because it's heavy, so you may need to strengthen the hinges first.

Fortunately, Jonny is gracious enough to supply the plans for the assembly because that is the impossible part. He makes it look easy, but for those of us with two left hands, we'll probably end up in pain, sobbing in the corner.

To see how this incredible feat of engineering works, then take a moment to check out the video below. It'll blow your mind.

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