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Have you ever wondered what’s the use is of other countries having embassies in your own country? Or even how embassies work?

Wendover Productions delved deeper into the idea of embassies and how they work. Well, only as deep as possible without trespassing as they weren’t invited in… you’ll catch our drift soon.

Fun fact: An embassy isn’t the actual building that you can see. The building is called a chancery and the embassy is the group of staff members that works within the chancery.

Diplomats usually work and reside in the chancery and, even though they live in a host country, within the chancery all their own country’s rules are followed.

The host country isn’t allowed to enter the chancery without the embassy’s permission. Not even if you’re a doctor, policeman or fireman trying to help them. If the embassy doesn’t give you permission, you’re not allowed to enter.

But, the host country is allowed to ask an embassy to leave its country if it misbehaves or for any other political reason.

Most embassies are headed up by an ambassador. If the country isn’t politically or trade-wise important to the host country, it might not have an ambassador stationed there. Ambassadors are there to build and maintain relationships to help their own country.

Embassies are known to resemble their local architecture and will often stand out from the other buildings in its host country. Because of numerous attacks on its embassies worldwide, the United States of America usually structure their embassies around security first, rather than an architectural style. That’s why most of them look like compounds.

Watch the Wendover Productions video below for more on embassies and how they work.

Image credit: Pinterest

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