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Weather just adds that awesome dramatic effect we’re craving for during movies and TV shows. Imagine Game Of Thrones without snow, or Sleeping In Seattle without rain.

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on the weather or get the crew to wait around until the weather does what the scripts says. But, fortunately, the perfect weather conditions can be created.

Want it to rain on stage while performing at an awards show? Done.

Want it to snow inside a studio in sunny Los Angeles while you’re meant to be filming in the Alps? Done.

J & M Special Effects is a… well, you probably guessed it from the name, special effects company in New York. They’ve made the weather dreams come true of many directors, artists and singers.

For outdoor rain scenes, you can get a permit from the local municipality to use a fire hydrant. But, for indoor rain scenes, you need something called a rain bar. It’s basically a very fancy sprinkler system that gives the effect of actual rain.

For snow, you can simply go out and buy small pieces of paper from a specialty store of course, and put them in a snow blaster. The different sizes give off different effects, so it depends on how heavy or light you want the snow to fall.

Liquid CO2 or liquid nitrogen is often used for low lying fog, while one of the many available fans at J & M is sure to be perfect, whether you want Arctic winds or just a slight breeze.

Watch the Insider video below for more on how fake weather is made for TV and movies.

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