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We have all heard the name, but here is how Marshmello became one of the worlds richest DJ's ever.

We have seen it in the past with famous disk jockey's such as Skrillex, Martin Garix, and the Dutch DJ, Tiesto, who have all had their time as the worlds top DJ's. Now its time for a new DJ to take the spotlight as the world's top and richest DJ ever, and this time, it's no other than the legendary Marshmello.

Marshmello is known for being a top American electronic music producer and DJ. He first gained international recognition by releasing remixes of songs by American DJ duo, Jack Ü, and Russian-German DJ Zedd. The 27-year-old Marshmello's real name is Christopher Comstock, and he focusses on mainstream electronic/dance and pop music genres.

Probably one of the most iconic aspects of Marshmello is his rather peculiar marshmellow-shaped white mask, which now his most recognisable feature. Wearing masks in music pop culture is nothing out of the ordinary, it been the done thing for decades, from KISS in the 70s through to contemporary music groups such as Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Deadmou5 and Daft Punk... Marshmello is no different.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, TheRichest, on how Marshmello became one of the worlds most influential and richest artists.

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