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They travel the world, hit a few balls and make millions. Right? Well, not entirely.

Have you ever wondered how much professional tennis players really make? Luckily Cult Tennis has wondered the exact same thing, and even went as far as making an awesome video about it.

Here’s the lowdown…

Professional tennis players don’t make money from playing tournaments alone. They also make money from endorsements, sponsors, advertisements and part-time work during the off season. Sometimes they’ll get money for simply posting a pic on social media or wearing a certain brand while out in public.

Abraham Asaba is a professional player that’s ranked number 1,700 in the world rankings. Unfortunately, most of his money goes towards entering tournaments and travelling to and from them. That’s why he’s also got a full-time job. In one tournament, Asaba played in the singles and doubles rounds. After one week of playing, he only managed to win $312 in prize money.

195th ranked Noah Rubin made just over $169,000 in one year after playing about 30 tournaments. Yes, his prize money was much higher than that of Asaba, but his ranking is much higher as well and should probably mean lots more money and sponsorships.

In 2019 the top ranked players made A LOT MORE in prize money alone. Roger Federer came in with $8.7 million, while Novak Djokovic made $13.4 million. Rafael Nadal made the most in that year with a whopping $16.3 million.

That’s only prize money. Sponsorships, endorsements and advertisements could amount to a much larger figure.

While the major players make major bucks, it’s quite clear that the rest of the players who are either semi-pro or even pro, have a lot to make up for. Suddenly we’re quite happy about our office jobs.

Watch the Cult Tennis video below for more on how much professional tennis players really make.

Image credit: iNews

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