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What do you do when you're a couple stuck in a foreign city with no income due to a pandemic?

Well, if you're anything like Andrea Ferrero and her boyfriend David Ayala-Alfonso, you start a bakery with the hope that time will pass quicker.

Andrea and David are both artists and, just before lockdown hit Mexico, they moved there for work. With art galleries closing and no work being commissioned, the two artists realised that they have a lot of time on their hands.

Drawing inspiration from a Pinterest board, they decided to start a bakery and give the items they bake to their friends. There was only one problem… They didn't have an oven.

So, they ordered a toaster oven online and soon started baking the most delicious brownies, cakes and cookies. They started an Instagram page showcasing all their delicious products, and that's when people started to ask about ordering.

Initially they were a bit sceptical about starting a business as they were under the impression that they'll go back to "normal life" pretty soon, sounds familiar, hey?

Obviously, that didn't happen, so they started selling whatever they were making, and soon were one of the most popular bakeries in Mexico City.

They're still selling, and have even done a few pop-up shops around the city. Not by accident.

Watch the Tasty video below to see how Andrea and David's popular bakery opened up by accident.

Image credit: Daily Advent

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