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We’ve used them so many times, we’ve lost count. Even though technology has replaced many things over the years, rubber bands have never lost their use.

So, how are these rubbery things made?

Well, it all starts with a dough-like consistency rubber that is kneed by a machine. A giant rolling pin is then pressed down on the rubber dough chunks to ensure they’re flat.

These wide, thin rubber sections are then cut into smaller pieces, before chemicals are added to make sure the rubber is strong and elastic.

The rubber is then shaped into long, hollow tubes, while talcum powder added to ensure none of them stick together.

Aluminium poles are used to shape the rubber so that they’re the exact length and diameter.

These poles are then put into a steam oven, and the intense heat vulcanises the rubber to boost its tensile strength and elasticity.

Once they’re out of the oven, the tubes are removed from the poles and rinsed to get rid of the talcum powder.

The tubes are then hung out to dry before being put through a machine to ensure they’re cut into the exact same sizes.

With this system, 500,000 rubber bands can be cut in an hour, before they’re packaged and shipped off to all four corners of the world where we use them around the house, office, garage, shed...

Watch the Business Insider video below to see how rubber bands are made.

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