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Yes, it’s still the beginning of the year and all those new year’s resolutions are probably still intact, but we couldn’t resist showing you this little chocolate gem that we’ve discovered: how Snickers chocolate bars are made.

It’s the best-selling chocolate bar in the United States and there’s little wonder why because it’s the perfect combination of peanuts, chocolate and caramel.

The name Snickers comes from the horse that was owned by the Mars family – that’s the family who invented the Snickers chocolate bar and still owns the company to this day.

The factory where the bars are manufactured is located in Waco, Texas.

For over 70 years the recipe has stayed exactly the same. Although Snickers has been produced in many shapes and sizes, Mars only recently launched the dark chocolate version.

There are approximately 28 peanuts in every bar and they’re mixed into the caramel. Once the mixture has been spread thin by another cooling roll, it gets layered on top of a nougat layer.

Together these two layers are sent to a slither machine where its cut into long strips followed by another machine that cuts the individual bars.

Now for the best part… a chocolate layer is first added to the bottom part of the bar and then the entire bar is enrobed in another layer of chocolate from the top down. After a quick cooling down period, the bars are ready to be packaged.

We don’t know about you, but our new year’s resolutions have just gone out the window. Where’s that Snickers bar we hid in December?

Watch the FoodNetwork video below to see how the popular Snickers bar is made.

Image credit: Wpromote

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