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Take a look at how to edit a TikTok video in the latest 2020 update in this amazing tutorial.

Since TikTok was launched back in 2016, it has already grown its own following, fanbase and culture. But, like most social platforms, it follows trends that either die out quick or last a long time regardless. However, for TikTok content creators creating new, exciting and innovative videos is the key to success.

TikTok has realised this and has integrated quite an in-depth and useful video editing system into their social video sharing app. Editing in TikTok is what the app's algorithm ultimately wants its users to take advantage of. In the past, TikTok realized that its users were downloading other users' content and then uploading it as their own, getting a huge following from doing so.

The next best thing was to encourage users to make use of the hundreds of effects, filters and tools for users to get really creative with while creating their own content. But if you have only jumped on to TikTok recently, then you are probably feeling quite overwhelmed at the editing and recording of your own content.

But, not to worry, take a look at this incredible tutorial on how to edit a TikTok video in 2020 down below.

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